shane burrell

From a young age, Shane has learned what it means to be satisfied, from the simplicity of farm life through to working in tough rural communities in Australia.

From humble beginnings working with 2 video tape players and creating short videos for his local church, Shane quickly discovered a passion for telling stories through moving images. Studying art, computer science and failing everything else, he set out and started a business in the side room of his parents’ house, a video post-production company called “Industrial Media Worx” (that’s right, works was spelt with an X as it was quite acceptable in the early 2000’s).

Over the years of hard work and dedication, he has risked everything.  With a passion to create powerful images, he has taken a journey of many adventures and experiences deeper into the craft.  From VHS tapes to colouring films for cinema, the boundaries are still being pushed.

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