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My favorite tools and what i'm using at Final Post

colour grading

Currently, I am using Digital Vision Nucoda and the full set of Precision Panels for their speed and wonderful image treatment, and for their super powerful DVO toolset.

We also run a Resolve system with mini-panels including the Digital Vision DVO tools for clean-ups and restoration.

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For long form projects i'm leaning towards AVID Media Composer for its depth and maturity in dealing with huge amounts of footage, speed, collaborative editing and integrating into broader workflows and facilities.

Resolve, FCPx and Adobe Premiere also on hand for collaborations and hand-overs for finishing.

other tools

DAILIES: Colorfront OSD
DISPLAY: Christie CP2110 2k P3 DCI
AUDIO: 7.1 cinema Dolby calibrated
STORAGE: Promax Studio
NETWORK: 10G fibre throughout


Documentary shooting kit

Capturing stories cinematically.

My kit is designed to capture beautiful images and sounds in challenging situations. Whether I am traveling to faraway places or facing potentially unsafe situations, my aim is to be quick, flexible, and reliable.

camera kit


  • ZCAM F6 full frame 6k camera
  • ZCAM E2 MFT 4k camera
    (PL Mount / EF Mount)
  • Sony A7R4
  • Sony A7s 



  • ATOMOS Ninja V monitor
  • Miller Fluid Head Tripod
  • O’Conner mattebox + grip
  • Tilta mini follow focus
  • V-Mount power system
  • Tilta Nucleus Nano wireless follow focus
  • Tilta nucleus-M wireless lens control system
  • Hollyland Wireless video TX&RX kit



  • Fast Vintage Nikkor cine-modded set 15/18/24/35/55/58/85/105
  • Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Zoom
  • Tokina 11-20mm Zoom
  • Sony G master 85mm f1.2 / 24-70 f2.8 / 70-200 f4
  • VAZEN 28/40mm anamorphic


Check my kit here.

audio kit

  • Sound Devices MIXPRE3 recorder
  • SCHEOPS CMIT Mini Boom Mic
  • Cosi MiniCmit Windshield
  • RODE GO 2 Wireless System
  • 12′ Carbon Boom Pole
  • AKG Studio Headphones
  • In-Ear monitors​

audio kit

  • Westscott 1’x1′ LED Mat (grid + diffuser)
  • Westscott 4×8 frame (Neg fill / 1 stop diff / reflector)
  • Westscott Flexifill kit
  • Sunswatter 4×6 diffuser


  • C-Stands
  • Shot Bags
  • Boom poles / Clamps​
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